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Bobby is a young colt born May 2010, out of our own quality mare Kylie and out of the magnificent silver d'apple stallion Rob  Roy who is sired by the Boss aka the Business. Bobby is a very smart colt, he's got the most refined head and is very well build.
Bobby was born with green eyes, I've never seen that in a horse before. Not knowing his mother Kylie was a Smokey Black coloured mare, I always consired his eyes as a trait of the silvergene. But with the birth of his younger brother Goliath, who carries silver too, I knew that Bobby would carry another colour too. So I've send some DNA to the laboratory who found out that Bobby is a Silver Smokey Black coloured colt. Which means that Bobby carries the silver and cream gene and he also carries a chestnut gene. Bobby is a unique coloured Gypsy Horse, I only know a few horses in America how have the same rare DNA. Bobby's colour breeding possibilities are endless, he can produce buckskin, palomino, smokey and silver foals. A combination of the silver with cream is also possible, Bobby can produce tobiano and solid foals as well.
This young boy surely knows how to impress and will mature, regardless of colour, into a very smashing stallion! He had his stallion prospect tag long before knowing is colour.
Bobby is for sale to a good and loving home. Contact us if you're interested in this special colt!
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