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Goliath was born end May 2010, he is out of my impressive mare Calimero and the magnificent silver d'apple stallion Rob Roy. The foalseason 2010 was a very interesting period this year. At first I never saw a foal with lighting green eyes but I also never saw a Gypsy foal who was as HUGE as Goliath. Gosh, during the delivery I couldn't even get my hands around his legs to help pulling him out. Goliaths mother has bred some heavy and big foals in the past but Goliath has beat them all, what a little giant he is.
As a small and devoted breeder you love all your foals and give them all the warmth they need to grow into loving animals. But sometimes there's a foal or horse how immediately knows to touch your heart. Goliath is one of them. He has such a calm and reliable character, he just doesn't know how to be a naughty or bad colt, he's just SWEET as can be. You will simply melt looking into his two crystal blue friendly eyes. Goliath is more than just a horse, he is a friend.
Goliath will grow into a very large and heavy stallion. At almost one year old stage his is already 1.52 cm.  or 15 hands high. He has very firm and heavy legs and has a very strong build. He will grow into at least 1.65 cm or 16 hands high and will be just as heavy. You don't see larger Gypsy Horses like Goliath everyday and especially not in silver d'apple colour. Most of time large Gypsy horses are lacking in bone or feather because of their height and pre-ancestors. Goliath won't.
Breeding large Gypsy Horses or Drumhorses isn't my main goal, and I cannot keep them all; Goliath is for sale. If you are looking for a future XXL breeding stallion and want to add some colour too than Goliath is your guy. He will only go to a loving home, where he can be your friend too
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