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Welcome at Mo Annamh Gypsy Cobs
Mo Annamh Gypsy Cob is located in The Netherlands and specialized in breeding Gypsy Cobs.

Our horses are being kept in a natural environment and are very loyal friends. After a lot of years of gathering knowledge about breeding and conformation in particular and passion for the breed, Mo Annamh Gypsy Cobs stands for quality homebred Gypsy Cobs.

A few years ago our Elite approved stallion An Rua was found as a foal in Ireland, he is the main stud of Mo Annamh Gypsy Cobs. In the past there have been several stallion used for breeding. The stallion choice is always thoroughly considered and is different for each and every mare.
Once in a while Mo Annamh Gypsy Cobs has Gypsy Cobs  for sale. All horses are healthy and safe and sound to handle. So, if you are looking for a quality Gypsy Cob who is handled and bred with care then please contact us. Also if you like to have more information about our horses or about the breed; feel free to contact us.

Monique Amtink

Mo Annamh Gypsy Cobs
“devoted to the breed”
       Devoted to the breed